28 June 2011

Phones Show Chat 93

I was Steve and Tim's guest on the Phones Show Chat again this week.

Discussions included
  • my ever increasing frustration with the Nexus One's lack of application memory, and intention to wait until Samsung release the NFC-enabled version of the Galaxy S2 in the UK
  • a quick overview of my impressions of the Milestone 2 (kindly lent to me by Steve while my N1 was away for repair)
  • the Palm Pre 2 in brief (very brief!)
  • the pros and cons of hardware QWERTY keyboards
  • an update to Google Sites and Blogger which now allows the publisher to switch on a mobile-friendly version (now enabled on this blog)
  • Motorola Atrix / eeePad Transformer / ASUS padphone - transformable phone/tablet/notebook devices
  • Glympse - a short review
  • My app of the week: CamScanner for Android
... and much more.  Full show notes can be found on the PSC Forum

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